The first Country we developed the technology in was Ghana – we are now hoping to develop in Zambia and we are working with Syscraft Limited in Kenya to utilise the recycled metal from our waste plants to be used in the manufacture of the Hammer Mill.

The funding for the project is from the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) and Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) through the Agri-Tech Catalyst.

February 2022Possible development project in Zambia and Kenya using Recycled metal for processing equipment production from waste plants being developed by Alset Power Company Inc from the USA and also PSECC Ltd in the UK

The “One District One Factory – 1D1F” Initiative is a key component of the Industrial Transformation Agenda of the NPP Government. The concept was first introduced by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Presidential Special Initiatives during the past New Patriotic Party (NPP) Administration, as part of an integrated programme for Accelerated Growth and Industrial Development.

Our “BID” will be submitted to 1D1F on behalf of the Innovate UK Agritec-Round 8 project105654 – Design and development of direct-coupled photovoltaic agri-processing machinery.

Possible development project in Zambia using Recycled waste from waste plants being developed by Alset Power Company Inc from the USA and also PSECC Ltd in the UK.

1. A Pilot ten Sustainable Hammer Mill unit project (with Solar Panels) – first Bid to 1D1F
IT IS HOPED THAT ONCE GHANA ALLOWS SOLAR FARMS TO BE BUILT THROUGHOUT GHANA THEN PSECC LTD WILL PROVIDE FREE HAMMER MILLS TO VILLAGES. Alset Power Company Inc and PSECC Ltd will assist Kenya with Rice processing and look an exploitation in Kisumu in Kenya of the Solar Powered Hammer Mill early 2022.

In Kenya we are working closely with the CEO of the Lake Victoria Regional Economic Block (which consists of 14 Counties in Kenya) to try and introduce the Solar Powered Hammer Mills into all 14 Counties.

Originally designated as the Rural Enterprises Development Programme, and later rebranded as the District Industrialisation Programme (DIP). It was designed as a comprehensive programme for rural industrialisation, involving the setting up of at least one medium to large scale factory in each of the administrative districts of Ghana.
Our Solar Powered Hammer Mill qualifies in principal for 1D1F support as it is an Efficient Agricultural product that could now link into the programme for financial support to scale up in our £22.32 million development programme bid. The bid should include the complete range of the Univeristy of Greenwich – Natural Resources Initiative (NRI) Cassava processing equipment, if so the Bid may well be in an estimated £22.32 million to £30 million range of support required from 1D1F..
With reference the exploitation of the Solar Powered Hammer Mill – One plan we have put forward is to link an initial Pilot project of ten units followed by 100 Solar Powered Hammer Mills and finally a 1,000 unit development progarmme into the President of Ghana’s One District – One Factory programme totalling £22.32 million, also making allowances for the additional cost of other Cassava processing equipment that provide a “Complete” efficient processing of Cassava.
This programme is funded via the GHANA EXIMBANK & other funders and we intend to discuss with the 1D1F in Ghana to make possible the initial £320,000 pilot project funding for ten units and an additional £2 million to cover the costs of the 100 unit Hammer Mill project and £20 million for the 1,000 unit roll out throughout Ghana. We will also target Nigeria, Kenya & Zambia.
Ghana has this One District – One Factory programme and the precedent set for EXIMBANK funding and because it is a China funded initiative we will link into a Chinese Solar company such as Jinko solar, we already have used Motors from China in order to meet China technology inclusion into the project as that will be a requirement for consideration of funding via China EXIMBANK & GHANA EXIMABNK route. If funding comes from outside the China EXIMBANK then we could bring in other partners if required.
It might well be we could also look at UK EXIMBANK funding if the team think that would be a good way to go but the GHANA EXIMBANK & China EXIMBANK or the Government’s other funders route is a also a good potential route to adopt.
Other investors will be introduced to us other than the China EXIMBANK going forward if required and if we are successful in our Application Bid we will obtain full support from the Government of Ghana.
PSECC Ltd have good links with the Ministries in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Zambia, DR Congo, Ethiopia & Cote D’lvoire..

1D1F – One District – One Factory – Ghana

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